AVella’s Pizza List

  1. CLASSIC PEPPERONI – Italian Dry Cured Pepperoni on AVella’s own house made tomato sauce
  2. SPICY SAUSAGE –In House Sausage, Roasted red peppers on AVellas’s spicy pepperoncino tomato sauce
  3. CAPRICOSA-Imported rosciutto crudo(cooked Ham), fontina cheese ,on a rosemary garlic oil
  4. FRIED TOMATO- Fire roaste plum tomato and garlic, endoua sausage, topped with a sunny side up egg and fresh basil
  5. CANADIANA dry cured pepperoni, Green peppers, sauteed mushroom medley all topped on AVella’s tomato sauce
  6. PESTO CHICKEN– Fire Grilled chicken tossed in a pesto, roasted red peppers, fontina cheese all topped on garlic pesto base
  7. BLUE MOON- Pancetta, caramelized  onions, blue cheese,pepperoni on AVella’s tomato sauce
  8. RUSTIC ITALIAN– Fresh Rapini, AVella’s Fire roasted peppers, Genoa salami topped on our house tomato sauce
  9. WILD MUSHROOM- Fresh sauteed Mushroom medley , walnuts, Gorgonzola on a olive oil Garlic base finished with thinly slice prosciutto 


  1. CLASSIC MARGARITA- Crushed Plum Tomato’s, Buffalo Mozza, finished with fresh Basil leaves
  2. AVELLAS MARGARITA –  Ripe tomato, mozza on a olive oil garlic crust finished with a basil drizzle     
  3. SPICY TOMRipe Tomato, Banana peppers, baby spinach on a Garlic oil infused crust topped fresh basil drizzle and crumbled goat cheese
  4. CRAN BRIE – Canadian Brie, caramelized onions,dehydrated cranberry on a Garlic infused oil crust finished with  a balsamic drizzle
  5. BLUE PEAR – Ripe anjou pear, blue cheese,caramelized onions on a Garlic oil crust
  6. FIG N’ GORG – Fresh ripe figs,caramelized onions, gorgonzola on a garlic oil crust
  7. ITALIAN GARDEN – Roasted cherry tomato topped on a garlic and oregano cheese crust
  8. BRUSCHETTA FIX – In house Bruschetta mix topped on AVella’s infused roasted garlic oil topped with fresh grated Parmesan and a light balsamic drizzle
  9. SPRING FLING – Grilled Asparagus, banana peppers, crumbled goat cheese on a roasted garlic oil base